Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ride, not drive

When I saw the forecast at the beginning of this week I got a little bit giddy. Mid 70′s all week long! This seemed to be the perfect week to ride, not drive. I tried to avoid driving the car as much as I possibly could. So we walked to and from school every day (except after the Great Tick Extraction of 2012…). Lincoln and I rode my bike all over town–the library, the bank, the grocery store (despite the 50 mph wind gusts on Monday) and this morning just around for fun. Ryan even joined in and rode to and from work yesterday. Image

It feels so good to be outside enjoying the weather, feeling the sun and getting exercise (as well as doing our part to be green AND saving money!)

I’d love to take a long family ride tomorrow, but I have yet to convince everyone. We’ll see!!

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  1. The tick picture was pretty traumatic, I hope she's alright ... and you! Love your new blog.


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