Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two weddings and a thunderstorm

Today was a cuh-razy day!  Some good friends got married today and we spent the whole day in the hot sun setting up and decorating.  Which was awesome until a huge thunderstorm came rolling in and blew it all away!

Anyway, busy, busy days=food on the fly.  Not the greatest start to my weight-loss program.  (Actually I have done extremely well eating wise for the past 3 days!)  In the spirit of full-disclosure I will say that lunch was purchased at Wendy's and inhaled quickly because I really didn't have time to go home and make a calorie-free lunch.

But after calculating the calories of what I did eat, I'm thinking I should have taken the time!  My Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich and the few fries that I ate came to 790 calories!!  Ay caramba!

Good news is, I exercised extreme self-control for the rest of the day.  No wedding cake, candy or cookies.  I didn't even go near the food at the second wedding reception I went to later in the evening.  So, despite the glutinous lunch I had, I was able to stay under my calorie goal!

Now, enough with the weddings--I don't know how much more self-control I can muster!


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